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About us

As farmers, we know our plants and we have made sure to select only the highest quality seeds and nursery stock for our products. Many times similar products are made from older plant material, grown overseas, or just run of the mill landscape plants.

At Lighthouse Herb'n Farm we source the best varieties for you from the seed to the menstruum. Our organic carrier oils come directly from the farmers themselves located in California or directly on the Arizona border. No cheap overseas oils are used. We believe in paying fair prices to local growers who provide the best products. We cannot make a quality product with exploited labor and congested international shipping ways just to bring down cost.

All packaging is USA made and sourced, not sold in the USA, made. We believe that a local product needs to be just that. We proudly support manufacturing companies that provide USA made products and support the economy. Where applicable, paper products including tea pouches are always going to be 100% compostable, and made of post consumer paper products.

When you support us you are also supporting other farmers and small businesses to build a better local economy.

Thank you for your continued support!

Location, Location, Location

What goes into our products?

The environment is at the forefront of everything we do, from how we cultivate and grow to how we source our packaging.

We stand by our commitment to excellence whether we are cultivating soil, growing our herbs, or creating your products.

Please never hesitate to address any questions or concerns with us directly.

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