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Sea Salt Scrub

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Our Sea Salt Scrub takes fine salt from the Pacific Ocean, infuses Jojoba Oil with our farm grown herbs and flowers, and mixes in a few drops of our farm grown Lavender Essential oil!

Sea Salt Scrubs are a great all natural way to exfoliate and moisturize. The fine Sea Salt removes dead skin and stimulates the surface, leaving you with a rosey shine. To help exfoliate we've added flowers petals and herbs to the mix to leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

Infused with local Jojoba Oil this powerful oil leaves your clean skin moisturized and protected afterward.

How to use:

In the bath: Using your fingers gently scoop out the desired amount. Apply to the face, feet, lips, and skin and gently rub in concentric circles to exfoliate. Rinse in the tub to enjoy some aroma therapy and allow the Jojoba Oil to infuse with the water. Precaution: The tub surface may become slippery because of the oil. Be extra careful!

At the sink: Apply to your face or lips after gently rinsing or using a Hydrosol . Using your fingers gently scoop out the desired amount. Gently rub the face in concentric circles, or when using on the lips use a side to side motion to exfoliate. Thoroughly rinse your face to remove the salt and excess oil. Apply our Calendula Infused Jojoba Oil or Salves for best results!