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Calendula Seed "Resina" OG

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Calendula officinalis

Resina medicinal Calendula Seed are a high resin content calendula flower that blooms prolifically in San Diego and other climates. Calendula are easy to grow in all regions and are widely adaptable. We grow this exact variety as one of our high resin content medicinal calendula. These flowers make great infusions for teas, tinctures, and oils. You can also decorate cakes and salads with their petals.

These flowers can tolerate drought, extreme heat, and even frost! Resina profusely produces a mixture of yellow and orange blossoms on short stems. When picking these flowers you will certainly feel the resin on your fingers. Like all flowers, Resina will benefit from "deadheading" so they will continuously bloom. Seed heads left on the plant will drop and re-seed continuously, it is advised to thin out older plants or prune out older branches.

Great for borders and garden bed edges. These blooms will attract a variety or pollinators and other various beneficial insects while providing vibrant color.

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70 days to bloom. Certified Organic.