Lighthouse Herb'n Farm

The Essentials

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This Gift Box Includes our:

* 2 oz White SageLavender, Atar of Rose, or Chamomile Hydrosol

* 1 oz Your choice of Salve 

* 10 mL Soothing Chamomile Roll-On or Soothing Lavender Roll-On

* 10 mL of Lavender Essential Oil

Enjoy our infused Jojoba Oil on the go and at home with our Soothing Roll-Ons. The Soothing Roll-Ons use a glass bead instead of plastic or metal. It makes a great chapstick or to use around redness or inflammation of the skin including acne, cuts, scrapes, or burns. 

Your choice of Salve, let's you chose your own adventure no matter where you are. Carry your tin throughout the day to keep your skin, face, or cuticles moisturized! Utilizing a local beeswax, our salve locks in our infused oil blends to keep your skin radiant and protected. 

Our Hydrosols make the perfect body mist and toner. Weather you're just waking up or ending your day you can spray your face and body with your favorite fragrance. Infused with essential oil micro-droplets, you can apply with a clean wipe of your choosing to clean dirt and sweat.

And finally our very own lavender essential oil - grown, harvested, and distilled by us at our farm. Lavender Essential Oil has many aromatheraputic applications including blending with a carrier oil, applying small amounts directly to skin or bedding, or even adding to your crafts and soaps. 

Holistic sustainable skincare has never been easier!

Farmers note- We LOVE lavender! Make this box all lavender or mix it up with a little bit of everything.