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Skincare Kit

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Give your skin the best with our all natural farm grown Skincare Kit. This kit contains all you need to exfoliate, tonify, and moisturize! We grow, harvest, and create everything by hand to give you and the environment the most attention possible. 

Begin your routine with exfoliating using our farm grown unbleached luffas. These cut luffa rings are versetile for use all over your body. From head to toe these luffa sponges make exfoliating easy. Or use your Sea Salt Scrub, fine Pacific Ocean Sea Salt infused with Arizona Organic Jojoba Oil, our Lavender Essential Oil, and flower buds and petals give you the finest shine. The fine grain sea salt is great to use on sensitive areas such as the lips to exfoliate, while the Jojoba leaves you moisturized, and our farm distilled Lavender Essential Oil leaves you smelling fresh.

On the run and don't have time to for the deep clean? Our single batch Hydrosols make cleaning up a breeze. Spray directly to the face or cotton pad to wipe away the days dirt and sweat. Hydrosols can be used as toner, body mist, or room sprays. Hydrosols come from Essential Oil distillation, literally the water of the plant infused with essential oil micro-droplets and are safe to use all over the body.

Lastly, you can moisturize with your choice of Salve. We use the best locally sourced bees wax to infuse with our herbs and oils. Great for one the go moisturizing throughout the day, these salves can be used all over the body including feet, elbows, hands, and face. Help give your skin what it needs to stay hydrated and protected.