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Rose Water Hydrosol

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Our Attar of Roses Hydrosol is a floral water created by us for you! This Hydrosol carries the soft fragrance of roses with it distilled from Attar of Roses Geranium, commonly used to create rose water. This Hydrosol is great for relaxing and nourishing your skin as a facial toner or body mist.

The alchemical process of obtaining hydrosol begins in our essential oil still, we utilize both stainless steel and copper in our distillation process to provide a clean and clear fragrance. Plant material is loaded into the chamber above water that is heated. Once the water reaches boiling temperature steam builds up in the chamber and begins seeping into the plant material, opening the plants pores, and mixing with the plants water. Essential oil is released during this process. The steam is then drawn into a condensing coil where cold water is pumped to rapidly cool the steam, this process of cooling returns the steam back into its physical liquid water state, this water is now the hydrosol, and essential oil is captured and siphoned out. Trace amounts of essential oil are still present within the hydrosol. This hydrosol is pure without any dilution or additives.

Perfect for soothing skin, aiding complexion, and enhancing mood. Attar of Roses Hydrosol provides the classic fragrance of Roses Water without being overbearing. Use as a daily facial toner or room and bedding spray to ground your mood.

Energetics: Cooling 

Product Information and Ingredients:


100% USA Made Bottle and Pump Sprayer

Undiluted Attar of Roses (Pelargonium capitatum) Hydrosol


Suggested uses: Use daily as a facial toner or bodyiay. Spray above bedding and linens to imbue the fragrance of Roses. To use as an air freshener spray into the air for clean fragrance. Do not ingest.

Use within 1 year.

Farmers Note: Keep out of direct sunlight. Store at room temperature and avoid opening the bottle. Hydrosol that is improperly stored may form a “mother”, a ghostly like cloud that floats in it. It is best to discard the Hydrosol if this occurs.

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