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Dried Lavender

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Our exceptional dried lavender bunches are grown, harvested, and wrapped here at Lighthouse Herb'n Farm by your farmers Damian and Jamie. We harvest each bunch individually and hang dry them out of the sun to preserve their color and fragrance. This particular variety is called 'Grosso' , known for its fragrance and essential oil content. Each bunch has approximately 100 dried lavender stems!

Dried lavender uses include using them as a bouquet sachet in drawers, hanging your as a dried lavender display ,or as an everlasting bunch displayed on a table as décor. A great gift for friends and yourself!

The best way to preserve these flowers is to keep them out of direct sunlight. Hang, display, or arrange them in a vase where they can be admired and their fragrance enjoyed. If you want to refresh their fragrance add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to the bouquet.

Our Local San Diego Dried Lavender can be enjoyed anywhere! Purchasing from small farmers across the country helps support growers, who like us are also first generation farmers!